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You were shopping for a pashmina stole and found one with 70 pashmina 30 seta what is seta?

The previous explanation is nonsense.

Seta is the Italian word for 'silk'.

'Pashmina' is derived from the ancient Persian word, 'pashm' meaning 'very fine fleece'.

Moghul emperors first refined 'cashmere' or 'pashmina' goats wool into something ressembling the soft, fine wool we find today when they invaded Kashmir.

'Pashmina' is the word that Indians and Kashmiris have used to describe cashmere for centuries. In fact it was Lebanese traders supplying fine pashmina shawls to the French elite (the likes of the Empress Josephine) who first called 'Pashmina' Cachemire, after the country of origin.

So the correct technical description in the UK and USA for your pashmina stole would be 70 % cashmere, and 30 % silk... That is, if it is made of cashmere and silk. There have been many adulterations since the world jumped on this band-wagon.

The first fashion 'pashminas' which I popularised in the early 1990's through my fashion brand Sophia Swire London, were a combination of the very finest 'pashmina' / cashmere (70%) and the very finest silk (30%) and they were hand woven and hand dyed in Nepal. This quality is no longer manufactured anywhere.

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