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You are taller than Lady Gaga and you are as thin as she is and you want to know what type of wedding dress you should wear and where can you get it?

  • Lady Gaga's wedding costume is basically a style from the 1920's, but she has thin mesh on the sides of the dress. The head piece is over-size and funky for entertainment purposes and you could use a small version of it. Lady Gaga is marketing herself by wearing outrageous costumes so be careful you do not go over the top even though it is your wedding day as you want to be attractive and certainly do not want to offend anyone by showing a little bit too much of yourself in design although Lady Gaga's wedding dress is not that bad. You can find a picture of Lady Gaga's wedding dress costume in a magazine or on the Internet and work from there. If you have a friend that is fairly good at drawing then the two of you could figure out a design that is not too strange but very similar to Lady Gaga's and then take that design to a seamstress. The mesh part of Lady Gaga's wedding costume could be filled in at the sides on the top, but leave the mesh part on the bottom. You could also go to some wedding shops and show the picture to the salesperson and they may be able to come up with something fairly close to the design Lady Gaga is wearing.
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