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You are a boy who wears girls clothes is there something wrong with that or is it normal I like the way it makes me feel when I crossdress but I dont

MANY BOYS AND YOUNG MEN enjoy dressing in girls or women's clothing. Some just like to experiment and like the way it feels, others develop a "fetish" for crossdressing, meaning they do it more often and it is arousing and brings some degree of sexual pleasure. If you are an average boy with other healthy interests, I wouldn't worry about it. It becomes a problem when you obsess about it, take little interest in other things and constantly think about it. It may be a phase you are going through, or you may like crossdressing so that you will live your life as a transvestite (a man who dresses as a woman all the time). Only you and time will tell. For now, I wouldn't worry about it. When you want to dress likes a girl, do it in PRIVATE, as you stated that you wouldn't want others to find out. It is something PERSONEL..But REMEMBER, if you choose to go out in public, you run the risk of someone finding out and you could be very embarrassed. Many people think that crossdressers or "gay" or "perverts". That is not true. Most are heterosexual. Many, many happily married men enjoy crossdressing. Recently, a high ranking school official was dressed as a woman and was stopped for speeding by the police. It was leaked to the media, and he was so embarrassed he quit his job and was suicidal. So if YOU value your privacy, keep it private. (P.S. It is also a problem if you are stealing girls panties and other clothes). That's not nice, or appropriate. <<>>

I agree with the above answer but add one very important aspect..that is if you do get aroused, be very careful. It is very very and I mean very addicting. For me it began age 6 at age 17 the more I dress the more I want to dress and now at 22 to the point that now that is all I do is dress like a female and yes I am constantly aroused under my panties and skirts. I no longer own male clothing (thank goodness my girlfriend loves me to dress as a girl as well) and live as a female, work as a female and began hormones. I do not wan to have a sex change, are you kidding that is the pleasure point. I bring 6 to 8 pairs of panties with me to work everyday because I spend hours thinking about the silky panties I am wearing or the satin half slip my thigh high stockings my heels and my makeup and lipstick. So sounds like a great life right-wrong-I am completely addicted to the soft silky feeling of nylon, silk, satin and I need yes need to wear it 24/7. I even wear thigh highs to bed with my panties and long nylon gown. Be advice is to put the panties away and get a girlfriend.
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