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Why use safety shoes in warehouse?

The short answer is: because you don't want to fall or break a toe.
A standard tennis shoe or sneaker has a hard outsole. This is good because it is durable and usually waterproof. However, this is bad because it cannot grip on a slick or wet surface (think wet kitchen floor).
A slip-resistant shoe has a soft outsole which on a microscopic level conforms to the tiny bumps and ridges in the floor. This greater amount of surface means better gripping and more stability with is important when you're carrying heavy things and don't have a free hand to steady yourself, when climbing ladders, working on potentially slick environments, or if you generally just don't feel like looking stupid falling down.
In addition, if you work around heavy equipment, you may want to look into a slip-resistant shoe with a steel toe, because if your toe gets broken, you won't be working, no matter how small it is. When your feet are out of commission, so is the rest of you.
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