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Why is it hard to find jeans Made in the USA and how come imported jeans dont fit right?

Wow! Does anybody make jeans in the U.S.A. anymore?

There's only two things that can bring those jobs back home. Either American workers have to agree to work 12 hours per day, seven days per week for pennies an hour; or the Congress of the United States is going to have to enact some bodacious protectionist tarrifs, and heavy-handed control of the marketplace.

If it's going to happen at all, then it'll have to be the latter. Within another year or two, the way things are going, a lot of Americans probably would be eager to wait in line all night long just for the chance of getting a job like that; but if the workers are barely paid enough to feed themselves, then who's going to buy the jeans?

Oh, yeah, and the reason the foreign jeans don't fit, is probably the same as the reason why a lot of things you can buy today are crap. It's always cheaper to make a product if you just don't care whether it meets the customer's needs.

There's a name for businessmen who want to do more for you than just take your money and run, It's called "loser."
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