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Why is fashion so trendy?

Fashion is artform and just like with every artform it's trendy. A trend by definition is a change in direction. Trends in fashion - just like with every other art - have staying power and have the ability to become classic fashion. You may see the same asymetrical dress on 20 different runways for the next two to three seasons until there is a shift. Most of is seen by the general public is the rate at which fashion changes which is incredibly fast. Fashion is about the next big thing. Mainly because that's how it stays alive. If every designer during fashion for the next ten years churned out the same brown dress for every look then the artform would die due to a lack of interest and public response. Fashion is also forecasted. There are people whose specific job is analize and research trends and colors from last season (as well as other cultural influences) and make predictions as to what styles and colors will be in this season. A lot design houses purchase the reports of these companies and follow that to produce there next line. As a general rule couture sets the season most of the fashion industry. One thing that is almost exclusive to fashion are fads and this could be what is being refered to in this question as well. Fads are trends are completely different. By definition, fads are temporary fashion. They are enthusiastically followed by a group for a short period of time (an extremely short period) and then fizzle out. This occurs mainly because of pop culture. For example UGGS. Uggs were first worn by Pam Anderson in L.A. with mini skirts. Eventually it caught as other people (B.Spears and P.Hilton) started wearing them as well. Eventually they were everywhere and in some places people still wear them. This fad fizzled out with the original group of wearers as well as a lot of other people. Other fads : pants with writing on the back , cropped tops during the eighties, stirrup pants etc. etc.
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