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Why do emo's wear black or dark clothes?

Here you can place your ad.$60usd/ not all emos wear dark clothes. To be emo you have to have hair with bangs getting at least down to your eyebrow, you have to have lots of emotion, emos aren't homosexuals or bisexuals who are sad and cut themselves. Also emos have to listen to dark or loud rock music like goth, emo, punk, hard rock, grunge, metal. (corection to the above steryotypical statment) emo is shortened from emotional. and REAL emo kids are kids woth problems. any problems even if there common. everyone copes with things diferently. for example i know someone who became emo when they pulled there father out of bed dead just a week after reuniting after a long court case of child abuse. and then there are people who have drunk parents and broken homes. and then you have people who get picked on and singled out. or you even have people who simply find the daily anoyances that we all have a bit harder to handle. and the color black has always been a color of emotion. such as mourning at funerals. black has simbolized a depressed aura for ages. its simply natural.
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