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Why are there clothing labels?

Clothing labels are used to list the size of the garment, where it was made, what materials it is made of, and how to care for it. The labels may also list the manufacturer's style and lot numbers. Some garment makers are now putting this information silk screened on the inside of the garment in stead of using labels.

well,If you have a small home business or whether you running a global trade multinational company of apparel or clothing accessory or any kind of clothing manufacturer,Even if you are a in business of fashion industry or you are small designer, everyone needs unique labels for their own manufactured products.
Everyone wish that their item looks unique in market and even the unique things are better appreciated by every one either you are buyer or saller...

This is just because of in terms of world globalized, people can grab any things anywhere so easily ...that kills your uniqueness, but everyone feel better about themselves because they are able to be different from others
and that feel better just because they have the best special things that the other people dont have and will never have.This kind of mentality of people is same as for business even. it should be the best and different unique pattern of their own brand from other businesses,
This is the only way to create your small brand in to huge, this things can make your business more profitable and helping to create a brand...
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