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Who invented the elastic band?

hi, for all of you sad enough like me to be sitting at your computer wondering who invented the elastic band well i have the answer!!! finally our lives shall be complete! William H Spencer was that amazing life saver we have all been looking up to! this is his story: one day he was sat in his basement, as you do, playing with rejected inner tubes, as you do, cutting them up into smaller bands, as you do. i guess you could say he was as sad as all of us wondering who made this marvolous invention as to actually make it! he then tried to sell these time-wasters in stationary shops and post offices as office and household beauties! who would have thought that mankind could be so stupid as to buy such an idiotic invention - although I'm so glad they did!!! they have endless uses ie flicking, chewing, catapulting and fiddling with. well done William, finally we have just what we're looking for!!!
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