Clothing Answers

Where can you buy fashion dresses at discount prices?

Jane Norman is a great option for teenager clothing. They update the clothes with every season to do the latest fashion and its really wikid + its great for teens and they also sell jewellery there and accesories and shoes and bags e.t.c.
For casual wear, you can try American eagle, Hollister, or Gap. Cute and fashionable dressesfor a low price are available at dresses/tunics at Forever 21. If you look at the right time, sometimes Ross or Marshall's can have some nice dresses for dirt cheap! This is nice if it's only for a one-time occasion.
If you want a formal look you can try Express, it has tons of dresses and dressy styles. Ross sells lots of bands that are great. And there is great savings lately, but it may be over now. Massoo always has some I like on the occasion, it offers discounts on some special holidays and when it gets to summer or winter. And it has really great dresses and accessories at much lower prices than in other departments.
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