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When will you need a bra?

In my opinion, that's really up to the wearer herself. No one can tell you when you can or can't wear one, although sometimes when you come to a certain age, and you still don't need a bra, prehaps it is time to think about wearing one anyway, and possibly filling it out a little with a bit of toilet paper, to avoid getting teased. They are for comfort. If you feel self-conscious, then go ahead!
Also, another thing to consider is when your breasts start growing.If you feel a small lump under your breast that is tender, you are probably growing. but if you show abnormal symptoms, you should be checked for breast cancer.
There are different kinds of bras to consider as well. Sports bras hold your breasts in place better, and are usually used for aerobic activities. Padded bras, or cup bras, are built to form fit. And there are even more!
Although, here are some things you may want to consider:
  • If you are still of a young age, say Jr. High/Elementary School, you should make sure it is okay with your mom/guardian to buy a bra. Talk to her about it, and see what she says. Most likely, she'll be on your side!
  • When you first start growing, it is usually unnecessary to buy a padded bra. Sports bras and non-padded bras do just as well. And mostly, you will only have to wear it under a white shirt, but that will change when you grow.
  • If you are a child who doesn't need a bra, ask yourself why you want one. Do you want to feel pretty? Are all of your friends wearing them? Or would it make you feel more comfortable? Think of other ways that you can make yourself look glam without needing a bra. Besides, no one should need to see it anyways! Fitting in is a hard one. You always want to feel like you are good enough. but don't' worry! Your time will come soon! Remember that everyone develops differently! If you want it to feel comfortable, talk to your mother/guardian. I'll bet that if you tell her that you feel that you would be a more confident and comfortable you, she'll go shopping to get you one!
  • If you are a parent, and have a child who you don't think is ready, ask them why they want one, and maybe come to an agreement, or meet your daughter half way. And think about the first time you wanted a bra.

Just remember, don't worry about it, its natural to develop at different times. If you still haven't developed breasts, all it means is that your still a kid, not a women, and that you should enjoy being a little child for a long as you can before you become all grown-up beautiful. Hopefully, you won't stay a flat-chest forever. But if you are over the age of 13, perhaps it is time for you to go to the doctor, just to check that everything is OK and that nothing went wrong doing the adolescent development process. Think about what i have said. Good luck, and do not worry about your appearance; don't be ashamed of the fact everyone else around you is a mature woman except you. Being a child is great. Enjoy it while you can, before you hit adolescence and start wearing make-up, having the boys all over you, being popular and having a good social life.
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