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When to wear white?

Most people wear white in the late spring and through the summer because white fabric reflects light and therefore will keep the body cooler. However, there are certain occasions when people wear white, especially females. Some occasions when people wear white include:
  • Baptismal or Christening gown, both boy and girl infants, to represent purity of spirit
  • The Godparents or at least the Godmother at a Baptismal or Christening ritual, to represent purity of spirit of the Godparents
  • First Holy Communion rites - Girls; Boys wear white shirt and black slacks
  • Confirmation rites - girls
  • First Wedding - to signify purity, virginity

Times women should NEVER wear white:
  • to someone else's wedding - it upstages the Bride
  • to someone's funeral - considered poor taste to wear white

Time other people believe a woman should not wear white:
  • as the bride at her 2nd or more marriage.
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