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When are you too old to wear stiletto heels?

Age is relative... You are too old when your legs don't look better when showcased and/or you have serious trouble with your legs/feet/back that could be exascerbated by inappropriate footwear. If it poses a helth risk or makes you look worse, you're too old! There's no set age, you're too old when you feel you can no longer wear them comfortably or they become too much of a challenge to walk in. I've been wearing stilettos for most of my adult life but recently I've switched to more sensible shoes and restrict myself to wearing no more than a 3" heel for special occasions . Last summer I tried wearing a pair of 4 1/2" heels I've had since the early 80's, after a day of discomfort and my daughter laughing at me struggling to keep my balance I knew it was time to give it up.
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