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What year was tie dye popular?

Tie dying clothing has been popular in countries such as India for a very long time.But here in the USA it came into fashion in the 60's and 70's with the "Hippie"movement. Batik (using wax resist) was also popular , as was Macrame' (a kind of knitting with string, thin rope or jute, and other crafts that were mostly taken from Southeast Asian influences. But Tie Dye clothes here spread acoss the nation very quickly! Hippies were interested in many crafts they could make easily and inexpensively. It was part of the "Woodstock" generation!(The "Beatniks" or Beat Generation who came earlier , influenced much of the Hippie ideals, of a non- commericial style of living, green and off the land using only homemade crafts and household objects.1975 to 1978 was probably the height of Tie Dye, although it is still practiced today, it too has become commercialized by stores such as Walmart, Target and many others.
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