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What type of clothes do Morocco people wear?

Having worked in Morrocco I can tell you that most of the people there wear long (to the ground) robes with either hoods or no hoods. Some wear regular clothing underneath, some choose not too.
When I was working there I purchashed what looks like a long piece of fabric with arm holes on one end. The edges of the fabric were finished with ornate trim work. To wear it, you lay the fabric out on the floor and straddle over it. You slip your arms into the armholes (like you would a jacket). You then walk to the end of the fabric (without the armholes) and you it up and place it around your chest (like a halter). There is a string on either side of this end that you tie behind your back - the armhole section of fabric will cover the ties.
Once this has been put in place on your body, you simply gather it together at the front and use a tie belt to secure it. mine came with a white, braided, silk rope.
I was a little skeptical at first, but had to have it. The material is 'filmy' almost see through, but once you have it on you cannot see through it at all. I was told that this particular garment is very popular among the locals during the summer months to battle the intense heat whilst remaining covered up.
Once the garment is on you it looks almost like you're wearing "Genie Pants" with a matching top. I get a lot of compliments on it.
During the winter months, the fabrics that the robes are made out of remind me of horse blankets - heavy cotton twills and wools. Most slip over the head, others have a half zipper down the front.
Hope you found this helpful.
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