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What two colors match?

A lot depends on individual tastes. Green and blue are often paired as are green and turquoise (but there's a million shades of green!). Red and white, blue and white. My husband loved sage green and charcoal (our house was painted sage green with charcoal trim and roof!). Some shades of green go very well with pink and peach. Pale yellow and lavender are traditional Easter colors and go well together. Best way to learn your own preference is to get some paint sample from a home improvement store and have a ball putting them side-by-side. I've seen medium brown paired with red, but I hated it. Pale green and dusty rose are nice. Orange, unless it's a muted orange, goes with dark or medium brown. Muted oranges go well with light tan and a muted peach for a "pop" in your wardrober. It would help to know if you're talking about clothes or house, interior or exterior.
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