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What style of clothes does slash wear?

Slash, - Saul Hudson - wears mostly somewhat tight pants (back in the day, he wore super tight pants, he doesn't so much these days but his pants still are not baggy). He wears converse chuck taylors. If you read his book he will tell you that he has worn this type of shoes since he can remember. For his shirt, its usually an untucked, unbuttoned shirt with a T-shirt underneath with some random print. and both of these shirts look like they have been somewhat worn. Slash claims in his book that he lived a gutter rat lifestyle and his apparel casually and fashionably proves it. And lets never forget the top hat. Although, I wouldnt advise wearing a top hat. You'll look like a wanna-be and a douce bag. just saying. I hope this helped you out.
Honestly i have kind of adopted this kind of style just simply because its an easy to please style and sort of a, "I dont give a f*&^" type of style. Its great!
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