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What size would be right after 18 plus girls for a young girl?

Previous answer was: "You should start going into juniors sizes like 0 or 1. You no longer should shop in the girls section anymore. Juniors is just a little bit bigger than girls sizes and its not as big as womens. Good luck!" I disagree strongly. I have an 11 year old who is 5'8" tall with 40" hips in size 18 plus now. Such a child will certainly not fit into a size 0 or 1 Juniors when we need to size up. You would probably need 11 or 13 in Juniors to match the hip, but other proportions may be off. Best bet is to take good measurements and try to match this to the size charts, then try things on. 18 plus has a shorter inseam compared to misses regular, so when we size up we may consider a petite 12 in bottoms, sticking to modern (lower) cut to avoid the problem that prepubescent girls don't have a shape with a smaller waist.
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