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What should you do if you like to wear panties and you are a boy?

  • It probably means that you're a little into transvestism. It's a relatively common kink for people of all sexual orientations. If you're trying to bridge the topic with a partner, try waiting until you're relaxed alone together and you're both in a good, frisky mood, then asking "How do you think I would look in panties?" Gauge their reaction and decide whether to continue. If they're open to the idea, great! If you're lucky they'll be into the idea as much as you!
  • And no ones going to see what you're wearing under your day-to-day clothes, so go crazy! I recommend easing into the racier undies like lacy thongs. And sleeping in thongs is definitely not for the newly initiated!
  • I will disagree with the transvestism. If this was the Case on this statement then most all woman would be labeled the same way. They wear pants and this was labeled as men's clothes by some people's standards. A garment of clothing is just what it is. That is a garment of clothing nothing more or less. It can't say to you what women or men should wear.I agree whom is to judge IF women can wear mens clothing why can't men wear women's clothes be it lingerie or what so ever .. I DO KNOW that there are many men that prefer woman's silk knickers of all designs for comfort as well as stimulation which can be very sexy with the right woman too. Best of luck you boys.. try purchasing your own knickers online there are plenty of online shopping for lingerie of all designs. and styles .. one company thst is really good is 'Woods &' .. try and see !!!!
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