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What should a girl going into seventh grade wear on the 1st day of school?

I think you should wear shorts..
NO! actually I think you should wear ANYTHING that looks good on u...check the weather channel and see if its warm or cold..
cuz if its warm, then u don't wanna come to school with scarves/coats..or anything like that;)

I think you should wear shorts if its at least 68 degrees outside, and some cute shoes like some comfy flip flops, with a cool graphic t-shirt and light washed holed jeans. maybe a high waisted dress for girlier people (in a good way) with some ballet flats. i recomend the stores Parallel and Khol's for teens. I hope this helped!!!!

I am going into to the 7th grade too, and my parents bought me $500 dollars in only brand name clothes. I bought Levi's, Aeropostale, and Ecko's and if you dont have as much money then you can go to your local mall, and go into the stores websites and look for coupons. Hope I helped, I realy ried (:
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