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What places in oldham hire 15 year olds?

It is against child labor laws for a business to hire anyone under 16 so no real business will hire a 15 year old. You could wash cars, babysit, mow lawns, do things around the house for your parents, have a paper route at 15.

E: Some states will hire a 15 year old, provided they have a work permit from their school that is also verified by their parents. Check with your state laws and your school. Otherwise, just wait a year.

Post offices offer employment to those from 13 years+ however the choices are quite limited; as they only offer morning, Saturday and Sunday paper rounds, wages range from a minimum of £5 to a maximum of £15 depending on how much labour you would be doing.
Certain restaurants and pubs offer work to those from 14-15+ years of age; the usual job is washing up dishes as the age is quite constricted; most restaurants however would probably not accept those under the age of 16 years partially due to responsibility of the employer and the experience of the employee, thus resulting in the choice of jobs becoming quite limited unfortunately. Babysitting and other self employed jobs are also another option, the legal age to start is 14 years and the average wage is around £4.00 an hour.

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