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What kind of dress do you wear to a quinceanera?

The most important item to be purchased for your Quinceanera will be your dress. It will be the centerpiece of your outfit and set the tone and style for the entire event.

Since your Quinceanera is a once-in-a-lifetime event (your only turn 15 once!), you should take the time to search for the dress you have always dreamed of. Don't buy the first dress you see, or be persuaded by a salesperson that this dress is a "one-off" with only one of your size in stock. You will build the rest of the Quince theme around this dress - shoes, tiara, accessories, dresses for your Damas, and the color scheme for the Fiesta, so pick wisely and carefully.

Select a dress that matches your style in a color and design that flatters you unique style. You may feel overwhelmed with the choices of colors, fabrics, sleeve lengths, necklines and all kinds of add-ons but the choice is ultimately yours - try-on as many as you need to and pick the dress that feels nothing less than perfect.

You may find a dress that needs to be altered, which is a good reason to start shopping early. Plus, once you have the dress selected, make sure you have enough fabric swatches to use in picking the right colors for all the other items for your big day.

If you intend to follow a family tradition and wear your mother's or grandmother's Quinceanera dress, make sure the dress has been appropriately stored and professionally cleaned and inspected for any wear and tear from age (to make sure there are no embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions on your big day).

When the big day arrives and you are ready to face the world in your magnificent Quinceanera outfit, make sure you are well prepared in case of emergencies. Someone in your Corte should be carrying spot remover in case you spill something and a few safety pins in case something rips or tears - especially if you plan to do a lot of dancing!

Once your dress has been selected, you can now select a matching style and color for your Damas. Since you are the Quinceanera princess, their dress style should appropriately complement rather than overpower yours. If you are planning a traditional Corte of 14 Damas, you may be dealing with a selection of body types in addition to the individual preferences of each dama. To avoid any emotional or political problems among your family and friends, go with a style that allows each dama to feel beautiful and comfortable. Be wary of the price tag also - their parents may well be picking-up the tab for the damas outfits.
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