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What is the most expensive rubber shoe in the world?

In 1927 Mr. Dario Vercelli of Fiorentina, Italy, tailored a size 40 (nine and a half) lounge shoe, constructed of 97% Nepalese rubber. This shoe was ordered by a Mr. Morgan Brankwell of Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Brankwell paid the handsome sum of 42,000 pounds, 3d and sixpence (approximately 420,000 US Dollars today). What made the shoe so expensive, was the fact that the Nepalese rubber was of the 1909 crop that is commonly held to be the purist rubber ever extracted. Not only that, but due to the scarcity of the rubber, the only available sample was recovered from the wreck of HMS Titanic which as you know was sunk in April of 1912. The whole process from recovery of the Nepalese rubber, to delivery of the shoe took four and a half years, and by the time the shoe was delivered Mr. Brankwell was on his deathbed. He was nonetheless impressed by the detailing and suppleness of his new shoe and promptly handed over the remaining balance immediately. Mr. Brankwell died two months later and the shoe was donated by his estate to the F├╝kenbade Shoe Museum and Hotel in Munich, Germany where it has been on display ever since.
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