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What is the history of ayurvastra?

Ayurvastra is a branch of Ayurveda, the ancient 5,000 year old Indian system of Vedic healthcare. Loosely translated, Ayur is Sanskrit for health, and Vastra is clothing. Ayurvastra means healthy fabrics. The Ayurvastra project is initiated and launched by the Directorate of Handloom, in the Department of Industries and Commerce and the Department of Government at Ayurveda College, and is aimed at creating a niche for the eco-friendly wellness textiles ( Dying the textiles using ayurvedic herbs and plants and 100% free from toxic and artificial chemicals).

The Ayurvastra fabrics are infused in ayurvedic medicinal solution(kasayam). Its properties are permanently encapsulated in the fabrics and have health benefits.

Ayurvastra Fabrics are made using natural fibers like: cotton,silk,wool,coir,linen,hemp banana, nettle,bamboo etc. Organic cotton is cultivated without chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

A study found that a major portion of chemicals are used by the textile industry , These chemicals pollute water, land, air and destroy nature, but Ayurvastra fabrics are manufactured without any chemical process and the are bio-degradable and eco-friendly

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