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What is the best pageant dress for a 13 year old?

because the girl is probably taller, she should get a longer dress. in most pageants, especially glitz pageants, girls wear cupcake dresses. these dresses are short and poofy and resemble a tutu. those dresses should be worn by pageant girls 6 months to 10 or 11 years old. depending on how tall the girl is. 12 years and older usually wear longer dresses, because it makes there figure and height look better. you can find cupcake dresses and longer dresses anywhere from high-glitz to very natural. but if you are doing a natural pageant, girls shouldn't wear cupcake dresses. even if they are in the age range. cupcake dresses are usually only worn in glitz pageants. look in the rules and guidelines booklet that the pageant director usually gives all contestants about 2 or 3 months before the pageant to see what kind of dress to get for the pageant. NUMBER ONE RULE: NEVER EVER EVER buy a pageant dress before you get the pageant booklet even if you have done that pageant in the past. directors to often change the guidelines and parents have to spend even more money on another dress.
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