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What is the average clothing size for women in the US?

According to an American Demographics journal article in July 2003:
The average woman is 5'4" tall, weighs 145 lbs. with a dress size of 11 to 14, has a 36-37" bust, is about 29" around the waist and close to 40" around the hips.

This stuck me as untrue at first because although I am a bit over weight at 5'2'' 140 pounds I ware a size 6 in both pants (with NO muffin top) and dresses. 140-145 is not anywhere in the realms of an 11-14.

So I looked for some more accurate statistics, the average women in the U.S. weighs 162.9 pounds "the average clothing size in the United States is not a svelte 8 for women and a 40 regular for men. The average women's size is 14, the size at which "plus-sized" clothing begins. And the average size for men is 44. "

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