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What is felt made out of?

Felt can be made from two materials: wool fiber or acrylic fiber. Wool fiber is a product of sheep, and acrylic fiber for felt-making often comes from recycled soda bottles.

Generally speaking, wool felt is a more finely-textured and denser fabric than acrylic felt. Its colors tend to be a little richer and subtler, too. Acrylic felt, however, is very affordable and great for children's crafts.

The manufacturing processes for these two types of felt are fairly similar. Felt-making begins with a mass of fibers. They are then pressed into a flat sheet and punched with a series of barbed needles to help the fiber become tightly tangled. The more tangled the fiber becomes, the more it holds together as a fabric. After that, the felt can be dyed any color, or even pressed with a heat source to create an embossed design.
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