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What is considered reasonable for a clothing allowance of a dependent child in Oklahoma?

If the child stays one size, then you could expect a set of clothes in the fall and in the spring ( cold weather/warm weather) plus casual and dress shoes for school. Depends on the norm for the type of clothes the child needs and wants to wear. From experience, it is best to find a golden mean, otherwise the clothing /shoes won't be worn and the money will be wasted. I gave my children a budget, let them loose in the mall (Sears and Gap used to be reasonable) and then went back with them for the purchase. Generally, they could have part of the outfit be name brand and the other part would be generic. Certainly an expectation $100 per outfit is outrageous and the child should contribute any extra monies (upfront) that are required to get from what you will pay for and what s/he wants. Mind your household budget above all. Don't forget thrift stores for jeans and jackets.
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