Clothing Answers

What is an Islamic perspective on clothing?

For Muslim men, they should wear whatever style they like on conditions that:
  • it should cover body from naval to knees
  • it should not include silk or gold
For Muslim women, there is no restriction, for woman clothing, on the cloth material or colors. The cloth could be from silk or any other material. It could be colorful or not. It could be dark colored, white colored, of different colors, whatever. It could be one piece cloth or more than one piece. However, women are commanded by Islam to wear cloth that covers the whole body, including hair, except the face and the hands. That cloth: 
  • should not be so tight to describe the woman body or sexy parts, and 
  • should not be so transparent to make the under cloth visible.
The part of the cloth covering the head (and hair) but not the face is called Hijab. 
Covering the whole body including face (by wearing Burkah or veil) and hands by wearing gloves is not an Islamic requirement. It is neither required per Islam religion nor forbidden. 
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