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What is a grain of fabric runnig from selvage to selvage?

The way the fabric is woven gives it different properties in different directions. When you are cutting a pattern you want to get all the pieces on the same "grain", i.e. a piece that will be vertical on your body should not be cut diagonally on the peace of fabric (unless you cut all the pieces diagonally or on the bias). The grain of the fabric is the natural direction of the fabric. The selvage is the edge of the fabric. When you buy a piece of fabric from the roll, you get two cut edges that fray and two factory edges that look different from the rest of the fabric and don't fray. These edges are the selvage. If the grain of the fabric runs from selvage to selvage that means the natural direction of the fabric (that you should use to line up your pattern pieces) runs straight across the fabric from factory edge to factory edge.
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