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What does a girly girl 14 like for her birthday?

This question should be more along the lines of "what doesn't a girly girl at 14 like?". You've basically answered your own question just by writing it down.... she's a girly girl so get her girly things. Is it pink? Is it fluffy? Can she us it to accessorize? Try decorations for her room, such as a funky bulletin board or a cute frame she can put pictures of herself, her friends, her dog/cat, ect. in. Or try hair stuff like cute hair bands, hair ties, clips and scrunchies. Earrings and jewelry are also much favored by girly girls. Consider her hobbies.... she's a fourteen year old so she's in what... 8th or 9th grade? Does she do a sport like most teens her age? Perhaps you can get her something along those lines like say she does soccer... then get her a sparkly poster that says "soccer is life". Cute, cool, or decorated school supplies is always nice... girly girls tend to like sparkly colorful notebooks, folders, and binders to keep their oh-so-boring schoolwork organized in a more girly fashion. If all else fails, get her designer or simply cute clothes (however do not attempt this if you are lacking fashion sense of her age group.. or if you do, bring someone who would be more aware of this 14-year-old's fashion sense). Perfume, lotions from bath and body works, and makeup is also good choices for girly girls. Or a cute purse. If your having trouble coming up with these types of gifts then try going to these girly stores: claires, macys, bath and body works, aeropostle or holister(for expensive but good clothes if you feel like splurging), or any store that has an excessive amount of sparkles and colors in the main window.

How do I know these things? I'm a bit of a girly girl myself- just ask my sister whose personal opinion of my bedroom is a rainbow must have thrown up.

^.^ Good luck in your quest!
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