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What do preppy girls look like?

preppy girls have natural look with minimal make up and also natural hair usually with a colorful head band or ribon
they whear bright colors usually polos and and cool colored shorts with flip flops or boat shoes.
that's all i can think of for now
P.S. if you see a girl that fits this description in Hollywood give me a call

haha that ^ all right there is almost completely wrong, they wear tons of make up, dyed bleach blonde hair,wear lots of fake hair,have long fake nails,are idiotic, horrible in school, normally care about the most worthless things on earth like cheer leading and modeling,care more about their looks more then anything on earth,they won't dare to leave the home without about 10 pounds of make up on.
They normally wear blue jeans,jean shorts,lots of pink,light blue,type colors,ect.
Also they're always gossiping,talking badly about someone else,to make them feel better about themselves because they're so insecure.
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