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What do people in Malawi wear?

Here you can place your ad.$60usd/ People in Malawi wear anything, but there are limitations because of culture. For men, its shirts, t-shirts, shorts and trousers, and women wear trousers, skirts, blouses and dresses.

Usually because of the culture, most Malawian women wear skirts and dresses that are at least below the knee in length or even longer. Short skirts may be worn but it may not go down well with people on the streets. Malawian women also wear the traditional wear. Malawian women of every social class wear the traditional chitenje cloth when cooking or working around the house. For wealthier women it functions as an apron. For women in poverty, it is an item of clothing.

Malawian men -especially in the villages - rarely wear shorts unless playing sports, and many wear suits or at least sport coats to any community gathering.

Women were required by law to wear skirts when Dr. Banda was president, and that tradition remains strong today even though the law changed long ago. Women in the villages rarely wear trousers of any kind. In the major cities, trousers - and even jeans - have become commonplace.
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