Clothing Answers

What do chavs wear?

Chavs normally wear tracksuits, burberry scarves,allot of big jewellery, baseball caps and trainers, although all of this may have a named brand on them quite a few chavs will have knock off. Some of the makes that they wear are; Addidas, nike, meckenzie, burberry and other expensive brands, i hope this helps answer your question, and if you would like to see it then go onto google images and type in chavs clothes ox.

Chavs wear Designer clothes. they hate high street stuff like new look,fcuk,primark,zara or H&M or M&S. They wear Dior,Chanel,D&G,Prada,Louis Vuitton,Alexandra Mqueen,Gucci,Burrberry,Vivienne Westwood and mostly the most chavest brand ever..JUICY COUTURE
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