Clothing Answers

What do Buddhists wear?

Although monks and nuns frequently wear distinctive clothing the average Buddhist dresses like everyone else in the area he or she lives in - Buddhists in Texas are likely to be seen in jeans and ten gallon hats, those in law offices wear three piece suits and those in nudist camps nothing at all. Well, most if us wear whatever we want. Monks and Nuns typically wear robes which is dependent upon the sect or order they belong to.
...traditionally Buddhist monks and nuns would make their own clothes from scraps of old cloth. This is not done anymore but they still wear simple robes of a single color. In some sects their robes are made from several pieces to indicate the old tradition of sewing rags. The Buddhists in any society dress in the same manner as their non-Buddhist countrymen. The monks, nuns and lamas may wear robes, often saffron coloured, in a similar way that clergy of most religions dress differently from the laity.
Buddhists wear the same clothes as others wear in their cultures, unless you choose to follow the monastic life. Wikipedia has pictures of monastic clothes, and a link is provided.
If you look at any crowd of people in your area you will see the clothes worm by local Buddhists - just the same as everyone else.
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