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What did women's clothing look like in 1905?

Well kinda Mary Poppins-like! Women of middle to high class wore lace up ankle boots with a fairly pointy toe and a sort of Louis 14th heel a bit like )( if you get what i mean! erm, the skirts were anlke length, sometimes with a little bustle, normally not gathered or pleated, sometimes pleated at the back. Blouses were often common to be worn on top as opposed to a full dress. These had a high, mandarin-type collar, not one which folds over, with a slight frill on it. The breast of the blouse would be sometimes pleated or have a sort of ladies tie, maybe a bow of some sort. These were tucked into the skirt, with long sleeves sometimes gathered at the cuff.
Hope this helps! If you want pictures try google-ing images of 'Lark Rise To Candleford', 'Mary Poppins' or 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'!
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