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What did the noblemen wear in 1300?

Fashions varied not only over time but also in different countries. An Italian noblemen did not look like a Scottish nobleman, and so on.

In England, noblemen wore underclothes of fine linen or silk, or even cotton which was very expensive at this time. They wore separate leggings called hose, a tuinic that might reach the ankles and an overtunic called a surcoat which usually had no sleeves and might be lined with fur. Turn shoes or boots were worn on the feet and he might wear a tall hat with a narrow brim and a cloak for travel.

The same nobleman would also have a suit of armour, still mainly of mail at this period but with hardened leather or metal pieces protecting knees, elbows and shoulders. Helmets were the early bascinet style, sometimes with a visor but often without.
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