Clothing Answers

What did pirates used to wear?

dark colors (gray, black, brown), stripes, bandanas, jewlrey (pirates robbed ships and stole gold and jewelrey)  Females
long skirts, dark and somewhat light colors (dark orange, red, black, blue), bandanas, jewelrey (same reason for boys)

most pirates wore hats with a bandanna the hats hem days was called tri corn hat/tricorne hat,they also used to wear and eye patch piece some people just think its for decoration but its actually because they had an injury on there eye in pirate times they used to wear clothes out of wool,leather and canvas,and last but no least pirates wore there belts diagonaly becase that was the fashion them days


Actually, many pirates wore eye patches during the day so that they could see with that eye at night. One eye would compensate for the other at all times.
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