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What did colonial people wear?

women wore mob caps and dresses men breeches and blouses

Back in the colonial era, people would dress very differently then we do today. Women would wear many layers of petticoats underneath the dress. If you were wealthy, the dress would be very fancy, probably made out of silk. you would also probably wear a big wig. If you have ever seen a picture of a colonial woman, you will see that they wore a hoop under their dress to make there hips look bigger. Why? It attracted the men. People wanted to have lots of babies because sadly, most children died before the age of 2, and they wanted to make sure that the family name got passed on. People got their clothes from the Milliner, a clothes selling and making person basically. Children wore "puddings" a padded hoop that went around their waist to protect them if they fell. Back then they didn't have medicine to cure and stop infections if you got cut, so people were very careful. You might have died even from a cut if it got infected. Poor ladies would wear a cotton dress with a apron and mob cap. If a lady didnt wear a apron, it was considered frivoulos. The mob cap was to keep their hair from getting dirty because they didnt bathe often. The men wore stockings, breeches, and a jacket and bow and most lkely a wig if they weer wealthy. If they were poor, they most likely wore breeches and a cotton shirt and that was all. No wigs. A wig was approximently 10 pounds. 1 pound is equivalent to $1.60 in the USA. It also cost another 5 pounds to get your hair shaved. People dint have pockets back then because supplies were expensive and if a pocket ripped the whole dress or pants or shirt could unravel, so instead they tied bags to the inside of their pants or dress.
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