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What are quaker corset makers?

A quaker corset maker is a person, mostly occurring in the 1700s to 1800s who made women shirts to tighten their waste as a hobby or job.
Thomas Paine's, a famous American Revolutionary character's, father was a quaker corset maker. Thomas Paine once was apprenticed by his father but was rejected in his unmistakably bad talents.
Corsets were used in that time by women to tighten their waste, making them look thinner. You might have heard of how women traditionally believe how a big chest and hip area with a petite abdomen was appealing, even today.
Corsets were very dangerous to a women's health though, most women would faint because all of there stomach organs and lungs were packed so closely together they couldn't breath. Most women who wear or wore corsets have extreme physical conflicts relating to there waste.
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