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What are five things to consider when buying clothes?

1. Who You Shop With And When:

Shopping for clothes when you're in a hurry or when you are with someone who is impatient will make you more likely to make poor shopping decisions. Try going with someone who is patient and tolerable, or go alone. Only shop when you have enough time to- time pressure may make you feel as though you have to get a garment you don't really want or need, and if you procrastinate, you may never get around to returning it.

Take your time to think about your purchase- you will save more time and money.

2. Appearance:
It doesn't matter how comfortable the clothing is if it looks terrible!
The garment's color should be tasteful and the print or design should be in a color that works well with the overall color. Try to avoid "highlighter" colors and bright or distasteful colors such as sea-foam green and burnt orange.

There should be no loose seams or missing rhinestones, and hems should be checked for rips and holes where they meet the main fabric.

Also, look at the tag and read the care instructions; you may not want to consider purchasing the garment if it will have to be washed individually or if you will be unable to care for the garment properly.

3. The Price:

Don't bother trying something on if it isn't reasonably priced or if you won't be able to afford it; go shopping with cash so that you don't over-spend with a credit card and so that you will make smarter decisions while shopping.

4. How it Feels:

Once you've checked the garment for any defects, how it looks, etc., try it on- it should be comfortable and slightly baggy so that it will fit properly even after it has shrunk slightly during it's first wash.

Even if a garment is beautiful, don't purchase it if you will have to constantly adjust it to hide your back or abdomen, or if it is too short or tight to cover you completely.

Also, make sure the garment is made from a material that is soft, comfy, and durable.

5. Complementary Garments:

If it's stylish and comfortable to you, think about what other garments you have that would go well with it. if you only have one or two complementary garments that go with the clothing, it might not be worth purchasing- but don't let it discourage you; it may still be worth buying, but if it absolutely cannot go with anything else in your wardrobe, you may want to put it back or buy new complementary garments for it.
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