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What are 'a' cup 'b' cup bra sizes which is the bigger size if you have cup size 42 in which group do you fall please help also with measuring tape th

There is a great article that tells you how to get your size:
Bra sizes cmoprise of a number oa dn letter e.g 34 C. The number states the length of the strap and the letter dictates the size of the cup. So 'b' would be a bigger cup than 'a'.  
The cup size measures the fullness of the breast and the number say 42 measures the inches around the breast at nipple point. If you live near a JC Penneys, they have ladies there that are trained to measure you to find your perfect fit, there is also a third criteria, I forget it but they know. So many women wear the wrong bra size its unbelieveable.....Answer to your question is 42 b would be slighly bigger then a.
Well my cup size is a 34B. I am 11 some ppls bra size is heretitary. Others are just because, smoking and talking drugs can decrese your cup size by almost 45%. So doing weed and marijuana is very bad for you, your cup size, and ur reputaion. Whenever you take these drugs then they jack with your hormones ( that was not ment to be a perverted joke thanx... :)) which of course controls your size of cup variation. Don't ever wear the wrong bra size if you know that its not right. When girls and guys make fun of you don't pay attention because they are probably mad at them selfs for having !tty bitty T!ttiys!! The guys... oh trust me they have no clue what their talking about if they make those jokes, then you have your own private joke... think to yourself... " Awwwww how sweet he's trying to make an excuse for looking and the girls are jealous of my awesome hair." lol YOU are not alone if you're flat chested... thiers this girl in 6th grade she has NOTHING... She can wear stuff that other girls cant because people would make fun of us.
i so know what your talking about. im a 36B and that's getting to small (p.s I'm 13) and all the "!tty bitty t!ttiy" people are always are o shes not that big i bet she stuffs and then i had P.E. with them so they looked real dumb but i feel weird im the biggest 7th grader and even girls in the 8th grade have smaller ones then me and then all the guys all always looking at my breasts and just say "o i was reading you top" and im like w/e you just want to look at my breasts. but u just wait intill they start touching them i havent gone 2 days with out getting touched or hurting someone who touches me! lolz :P but so don't care what people say!!! their dumb!!! lolz

So do I.I live in Pakistan,I'm 11 and I have 38B breasts(But I can fit into a C cup,teehee),which is pretty much as big as they get.Half of the seventh graders above me are FLAT.And many of those who do have them,don't wear bras (you can tell cause their boobs and stuff poke out all the time). In fact,I remember one time,this year to be exact,I wore a bit of tight shirt to school,and their was this one guy in my grade (different class) talking to a friend of mine (Might I add I wasn't even 11 at the time),he was whispering in her ear and the whole time he was HOOKED on my chest.The entire time.And for the rest of the day,when the oppurtunity came that was what he was doing,well,on the bright side he was cute.And everday someone always "accidentally" bumps into my chest.Perverts
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