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Success story of killer jeans killer jeans a brand it survive despite of having so many brands in the it is a fashion symbol. its

The success story of Killer jeans is not by chance or by luck. behind its success there are lots of efforts and hardworkings. in 1989, when the company had launched its flagship brand Killer, they had a vision and commitment towards the community that to provide the best fits, washes, and fashion at a very affordable price. despite of many international brands available in the market, Killer is the only Indian denim brand which survived and still growing well. the idea of its survival in the market is to complete product development time by time, innovation by keeping its strengths which are the fits and the washes. none of the other brand can compete killer in terms of washes and the fits. apart from that Killer is continuously innovating the new fashion trends. Killer is the first brand in India which launched worn out jeans. this is the only reason Killer is still the highest selling denim brand in India. the first brand ambassador for killer was Rahul Dev and after that it was Arjun Rampal.
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