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Should women wear pantyhose?

Like any attire that a lovely woman might wear it remains a personal choice of whether to wear or not to wear pantyhose.

There was a time when a question like this one was not even considered because women just understood that they wore pantyhose. They wear pantyhose to work, church, the bank, the grocery store, out to dinner wit the family or on a date.

However today the case can be made that although pantyhose sales are on the rise many women especially in the USA have chosen to go bare legged.

For some going bare legged is definitely an easy transition and they look great with or without pantyhose. For most pantyhose adds color where needed, hides small blemishes and tightens up areas to allow them a slimmer firmer look.

Pantyhose is a fashion choice and overall its probably a good idea to look to the fashion police ion whether to wear tights or newpantyhose or nylons. For this reason until it becomes fashionable to wear pantyhose women will probably not.
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