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Pair of dansko shoes an they are reallty tight on the tops of your feet how long until they loosen up?

Since Dansko shoes are all "handmade" it is very important to try on all shoes.. even if they are the same "size" i.e. I wear an 8 shoe but I must buy 39 in Dansko.. which is touted as being for 8.5 -9 in USA sizes. Regardless of that all 39 shoes might "fit" differenty. The professional shoes seems to have a higher arch.. (as compared the the other closed back clogs like Cailtyn) my advice is to try on all dankso shoes. Did u know there was a dansko outlet near Philadelphia? Dankso pros only 75.99 (plus shipping) Google Dansko Outlet to get to the site. Sincerely, Tina R. Pennsylvania
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