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Lost a bet a need some help with what you should wear for girl clothes?

1. Well, for starters make sure that your body is shaped like a lady's meaning:
Get a stiff corset (Not a fake show one) and a bra.
And don't worry if when you put on the corset (ask a trusted gal friend for help) it feels like your organs are going to spill out. It's never happened before.
2. A skirt with a nice feminine shirt would do. If you want to go for a punk-ish look wear a band-tee.
3. Accessorize!
For punk/rocker chick:
Studded wrist bands, stripey sock and the like will do the trick.
For girly-girl:
A cute bag with a few bracelets, maybe some clip on earrings.
4. Hair and makeup.
For punk/rocker chick:
Eyeliner and mascara are standard look on youtube for more help.
For girly-girl:
Pink lipgloss (NATURAL COLOURS!), mascara together with a bit of eyeshadow in a colour that coordinates with your outfit will suffice.
I hope this was helpful!
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