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Lake park outlets are closing?

I don t think so butat some point something has to give. I would think if enough stores leave at what point is it profitable for the owner?,I hope the center does not go away, at one time back in the 80's it was the best one around the lower 48. I work at one of the outlets that have been here since the 80's,I have worked here since the late 90's,and when it was bought out the last time in Jan 2007 the tenants for one reason or another started leaving left and right. the previous owners at the time of their selling the mall was 80%(my home office has done the research) leased so the previous owners should not get the blame. It has never been as vacant as it is now,although it has shifted throughout the years. the economy is hardly to blame although it is a factor in 2009 in 2007 the economy was doing well.
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