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Is there ugg boots for toddlers?

UGG boots come in a wide variety of styles and colors for adults and children of all ages.

Baby UGGs were designed with the smallest of feet in mind. They're made with the same Merino sheepskin and wool as the UGGs you would by for your adult feet, but the design is a bit more flexible to ensure your baby's feet aren't constricted as he learns to walk or crawl.

Kids UGGs come in a variety of sizes as well and are a bit better for growing toddlers. You can choose from either kids UGG slippers or Kids UGG boots. These boots are, again, made of the same Merino sheepskin wool as your standard adult UGG.

Because they're made out of the same materials, UGG boots for toddlers require the same type of care as regular UGG boots. They should not be worn outside in the rain or snow and if they do get wet they should be kept away from direct heat sources in order to avoid shrinkage.
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