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Is there a picture of a traditional Irish kilt?

There is no such thing as a traditional Irish kilt. The Irish never wore kilts. Kilts and coats of arms were invented to rip off tourists (mostly Americans).Just like all the Aran sweater designs. Think it through. If we had all gotten coats of arms then we would not have been a poor agricultural country. We all would have been noblemen and had castles or huge estates.
The Aran islands did not have a big enough population to have so many special family designs in fact there are only a few real traditional designs.
Kilts are Scottish. American Irish tend to be fooled into wearing them. The British army had divisions of Irish recruits and part of their uniform was a kilt. So there is a strong military association with kilts. However that came from Britain.

Added note by karakorak: While it is true as stated above that kilts are not Irish costumes, Aran sweaters are genuine, traditional, Irish craft work, including the variety of stitches used.
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