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Is jack wills a chavi brand?

i wear jack wills alot, and i don't think its chavy, its seen as a british version of abercrombie & fitch, made for upper-class university kids. Its quite expensive aswell and the clothes itself arent chavy, so i would have to say no, it isn't.

yer well if it ain't for chavs its for preppys
oh and they are £12;50

Jack Wills is the total opposite of chavy. Its for people who have more money than they know what to do with. Just so you can see roughly how over-priced it is, here are a few examples:

Elwick Skinny Jeans - £79
Barningham Tee - £34
Purdeys Shrunken Boy Fit Shirt - £69
Tattershall Blazer - £198
Wolsingham Boyfriend Fit Cardigan - £98
Braunier Tights - £24

i have a few items from there but am selling them as jack wills is getting old i have a navey gillet and now half of my school have the same one! it redicoulouse evryone looks the same.

but hollister and abercrombie i find have alot more choice and range of different types of clothing allthough there is not but difference between them in prices u( its very expensive) i really love some of the clothes in there you can get alot cheeper prices for designer brands like jackwills ,hollister and abercrombie and fitch on eBay check it out! (sory 4 the bad spelling in a rush)
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